I Am Carl Crawl

September 21, 2008 | The Pit

Carl Crawl became the carlsbadcrawl.com mascot and showed up in a variety of my art in 2008 loosely based on myself.

I AM CARL CRAWL by Bryan Snyder

Each day begins with a wander so wide.
A nod at the sun, I follow the tide.

My hat reaches skyward with a buckle askew.
My hair is in tangles, a sight for a rue.

My clothes are simple, faded and old.
My eyes are full of sincerity, my ambition is bold.

I meander in alleys and under low trees.
Ramble on railroads, I’ve never had keys.

I speak in confidence through pictures so grand.
Thoughts tumble onto paper, they drip from my hand.

Introverted by choice and damned from the start,
Fueled by my passions, my mind, my art.

I keep it simple and have yet to fall.
I live in the shadows, I am Carl Crawl.

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