August 31, 2008 | The Pit

The Pit is place I had been visiting since the mid 90’s primarily to skateboard. I never contributed to the surrounding wall’s graffiti, but it always intrigued me.

In 2008, I returned to The Pit with bags of spraycans. At this point in my artistic career, I was making progress in my drip art technique, but I felt limited. The drip technique depended on gravity to pull the drips and I wanted to experiment with vertical walls.

The Pit became my training grounds. The walls were not vertical, but were steep enough to mimic a wall, but mellow enough to stand on without a ladder.

Favorite hand drawn illustrations soon became appearing on The Pit walls like this mural titled Windy. Early murals were painted in acrylic latex and brush, but I soon began training using spraycans.

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